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VAZMOR, is an export company located in the North of Portugal, connected to the footwear industry since 1978. We have started to work mainly into the African market, with countries like Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde Islands, São Tomé and Principe.


 Our products, are target to a consumer of midrange and upper middle segment, so our business expansion to Europe, is suitable and inevitable. We started already working with Spain and France, and we intend to find more partners in other European countries. 


 Our company, manufacture, distribute and export footwear for man and women, through our own brand and we also produce specially on demand, developing collections adjusted to each country, each client, (with his own brand) by reference or quantity. Despite de good raw materials used, we provide a fine quality at an affordable price, which allows us to offer a good competitiveness.   



   We are naturally available to new strategic partnerships, related to product design, services, or investments.


The new site VAZMOR, continues to make the commitment, of keeping the information, regarding the last products featured in collection, which by the way, follow the latest trend in the footwear industry.

The quality of our products is excellent and comparable to the level of our services, in all its aspects such as: logistics, human resources, response time, delivery times, etc.

We are 100% available to meet you, clarify and above all, give you the best service with the best quality.



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Rua de Santa Catarina, 1262
4000-447, PORTO

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